Wednesday, July 8, 2009

painting points east

Painting the Oxbow, on the Connecticut River.
Pennsylvania, days end.
Anna and Henry at the Met.
Glen Ellis Falls New Hampshire.
Stanley Brook, Acadia. Mt. Desert Island did not give us the vistas that we had hoped for but we did find more intimate spaces like this.
Anna on Mt. Cadillac, Acadia, ME
Temps still on the chilly side, light rain.
Canoeing at Katahdin Lake. 3.5 mile hike. Canoe rental $1 an hour.
Arches, on the western shore, Newfoundland
We saw over 30 moose. Mooseburgers, by the way, are delicious.
Our last night at Lans Aux'Meadows, N.F.
We saw many Humpbacks on our way to the Bergs.
Our home away from home. Quipon, N.F.
Night Crossing from Nova Scotia.
Gros Morne Park, N.F.
Some icebergs looked like giant pieces of milkglass.
Painting at Fish Point Park, St Anthony, N.F. Very windy. 57 degrees.
Icebergs near S. Anthony Newfoundland. These three were stranded in 150 feet of water. They will remain here until they melt.
Newfoundland iceberg.
Anna's photo of a New Brunswick sunset.
Mark painting at Niagara Falls.
Mark and Henry study the 'Twilight' painting by Church at the Cleveland art Museum.